Monday, 20 December 2010

Shop! Level 4 Christmas deal


Shop Level 4 has got a fantastic Christmas offer on, 20% of all party dresses.

This fantastic offer is only on over the Christmas period.

Do not miss out on the chance to grab these luxury dresses at amazingly low prices.

Shop Level 4!!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Opening Hours

As much as we would like to we can’t stay open all the time over the holiday season.

These are the confirmed opening hours for the Christmas and New Year period.

Christmas Eve 24th 10am - 4.30pm

Christmas Day 25th Closed

Boxing Day 26th Closed

Monday 27th 10am - 5.30pm

Tuesday 28th 10am - 5.30pm

Wednesday 29th 10am - 5.30pm

Thursday 30th 10am - 5.30pm

New Years Eve 31st 10am - 4.30pm

New Years Day 1st Closed

Sunday 2nd Closed

Monday 3rd 11am - 4pm

                                                                                       Merry Christmas from everyone at the Oasis
                                                                                                                                                         x x x

Oasis needs you.

Thinking of starting your own business? The Oasis is the place to start.

With fantastic competitive rates you would be mad to miss out.

Units available now.

To enquire

Email –

Phone – 0121 233 4488

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Stephen Farley Exhibition within Oasis 7.11.2010

Stephen Farley has been an artist for just over five years since completing a Foundation at Bournville College of Art.

Previous to that he had always worked in creative industries originally starting out as a sign writer. This was how he initially found himself working in the Oasis window space when the store had its previous lavish makeover way back in the 90's and the its previous signage and artwork was his brief design.

Unfortunately he was still working on the window lettering, paintbrush in hand as the press assembled outside to take pictures of the official opening ceremony. Dave Hill from Slade cut the ribbon accompanied by applause as he conspicuously painted the words 'Department Store' in reverse. He felt bad over that missed the deadline but the proprietor at the time was really understanding and very pleased with the new look overall, although he felt as if he been through some surreal performance of art in the window.

Now almost 20 years later we are pleased to see him return to the Oasis. As his work tends to lend itself to unusual spaces as he prefer not to use conventional artist media, so the alcove space on Level 3 seemed perfect for an intimate overnight gallery.

It's possible to see his progression into figurative 3D from the cluster of paintings inside through to the most recent sculpture that dominates the window space. Entitled Sensoria, the sculpture is a female figurine that is meant to be a provocative glimpse of the near future.

An unlikely prediction perhaps, but no more unlikely than an artist returning from the future to lay a sign writer's shame to rest.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Halloween @ the Oasis.

The Oasis had under gone a ghoulish makeover especially for Halloween.

Looking for fancy dress? The Oasis is the place for you we have some fantastic deals on Halloween clothing and accessories that you will go mad for. Also the 30th and the 31st of October our very own Gemma from Obsidian books will be doing face painting in the cafe level 5. Do not miss out.

Also for all you over 18’s the Oasis has sponsored Halloween at the Asylum on the 30th October there will be a huge fancy Dress Competition:

1st Prize - 1 years free entry to UPRAWR

2nd Prize - 6 months free entry to UPRAWR

3rd Prize - £30 gift voucher for 'The Oasis' + a TV!

Everyone that enters the competition gets a free rack of 24 shots for them and their friends!!!

Doors open at 10:30pm £5 Entry / £3 if you're in Fancy Dress

See you there :)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Release the inner vixen

Vixen couture was established in 2009 in the Oasis. They stock Criminal Damage, Living Dead Soles and many more.

We are proud to say we have one of Birmingham’s biggest collection of skinny jeans, leopard, zebra, tartan and many many more prints in a wide range of sizes.

We also stared up an eBay store at the beginning of the year We are growing the online store day by day and this time next year we hope to blow your minds with the collection we have on offer on line and in store. Vixen couture will be on the tongues of every budding vixen in Birmingham.

Come and check us out skinny central!!!

Vixen couture level 3

The Oasis Alternative Fashion Store

110-114 Corporation Street


B46 SX

Shop @Shop

The newest addition to Oasis located by the doors of level 4, there staff have been in fashion for many years a welcoming sight to all shoppers with their hospitality.
Shop! has been trading in the Oasis since the 1st week of May 2010. Single handedly they bring a variety of trendy customers through the doors.
Shop! Are huge stockiest of some of the most desired fashion labels and jewelry and are available for the most generous prices.
Here are just some of the amazing labels they sell:

Motel - fast becoming one of the biggest independent brands in the uk, Motels certainly been shining one of the brightest. Based around the vintage styles that they have found over the years in thrift stores across the world, they always manage to create something that little bit different from the mundane. Without a doubt this brand has been one of the style shifters of the last couple of years, leading the high street to copy their quirky style

Fairground - This is brand straight from the beaches in Bali. Huge in Australia it is gradually building a fan base in the UK, including amongst others, Diana Vickers, Little Boots and Marina & the Diamonds. The cuts and shapes from this label are a little special, for the elegant punk in all of you.

R&R - soon to be rebranded as 'Motel Vintage', the R&R range (recycle & reinvent) really is about the individuality of that special vintage find. This label from the Motel team is a collection of modern shapes made from vintage clothing and vintage fabrics. Re-shaping vintage into modern styles and shapes that actually fit, help remove the one big problem that we all find when we find that 1 off piece. Every piece is individual, you will never again be at a bar and someone walks in wearing the same dress

Hanna Makes Things - Fun, Funky and Far-out, are three ways to describe this brand. From gold love hearts to bourbon biscuit key rings, its laughter all the way with Hannah.

Yella Brick Road - joining in the fun, and maybe taking the lead, is this little brand of handmade madness. From Dolly mixture bracelets, and jelly baby necklaces, to toaster rings and bottles of fairy dust, if you want to wear something totally different then you need to follow the yella brick road.

Once upon a charm - teacup rings and postcard necklaces, another jewelry range tipping towards the vintage side of life. Tired looking brass chains hold vintage swallows, perfect gifts for someone special.

Don’t miss out on shops amazing one off pieces and first class fashions.

The Oasis Alternative Fashion Store
110-114 Corporation Street
B46 SX

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Oasis

If you ask most people who live in Birmingham, at some stage the chances are they have shopped in the Oasis. It might have been in the seventies, eighties or nineties, but to this day it is still going strong. We have managed to out live most of the competition by offering Birmingham’s customers, something a little different that the usual offerings on the high street. The landscape around the Oasis has changed quiet a lot over the past few years, we have lost Virgin mega store, Toys r us, the 02 Academy, Costa mongers, and various other stores, yet some how we are still standing.
The store has over 30 of Birmingham’s independent traders under one roof, offering tattoos, piercing, clothing and lifestyle products. If you want something a little different we have it. Most of the labels you see on the high street will have started life in the Oasis or similar across the country. The store owners are constantly on the look out for the next big look, trend to offer Birmingham’s residents, before it hits the high street. On many occasions you will be able to get product 2 years before the likes of Primark, New look and Top shop murder the image.
If you want to help your local business, we need local people to shop in here more, rather than shop at the Bullring, this has even had an effect on the rest of Birmingham’s shopping streets, Cannon street, Great Western Arcade are just a few to mention, too much of Birmingham’s Independent traders are being hit by this recession, but still, the people of Birmingham shop in the Bullring. I am very happy to have the Bullring in Birmingham, as the city is more of a shopping destination, I would just love it if the shoppers could remember the roots of the city and visit us a little more.
As mentioned earlier most people will have a story off the Oasis to share, please share this with your sons and daughters, or even grand children, you may of grown up since your early shopping days, but we haven’t, we still offer that amazing shopping experience that is the Oasis.

Check out the new site

0121 233 4488

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Get your hands on a FREE Guitar

OASIS Big Guitar gives away is back but for only 2 more weeks. Don’t be the one to miss out on the chance to walk away with a shiny new electric guitar for the small price of NOTHING!!

All you need to do is be back at the Oasis on Saturday, no later than 3:20 pm to be in the draw at the level 3.

Free to enter so what are you going to lose?

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!

The Oasis is still today one of Birmingham’s largest alternative retailers.

We have over 30 independent retailers under one roof catering to all of your Alternative Fashion Needs.
The Oasis is celebrating its 38th birthday this year and is proud to say were still thriving. To celebrate Oasis’s 38th birthday we want to hear your favorite thing about the Oasis.

It’s easy all you need to do is visit out events page on Face Book and tell us what you love about the Oasis.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Oasis has today descoverd blogger!
Well done us!

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The Oasis celebrated it's opening in Birmingham City Centre with a parade down Corporation Street. That was almost 40 years ago but Oasis, still today, remains a totally unique aspect of Birmingham's personality. At the Oasis we constantly strive to offer customers the best in unique and individual products, services and clothing. From piercings to pipes, boots to beads, tattoos to tutus and much more in-between. They're all available from a veritable plethora of independent retailers.