Friday, 21 January 2011

Colour Drunk

The newest addition to the Oasis alternative fashion store, a new art display on the stairs leading from level 4 to 3 created by Steve Pound who paints on canvas and wood using quality oils and the finest brushes. Steve’s artwork has been described as surrealist, psychedelic, synaesthetic, gothic, cyberpunk, and of course Colourdrunk!

He has been painting for as long as he can remember and studied fine art at Leamington College, however in his 2nd year he realised that classic painting techniques were not fulfilling his hunger for colour, themes and shapes and consequently embarked on a journey that became Colourdrunk!

Steve is not a stranger to the Oasis he remembers buying his first pair of tartan bondage trousers with all the zips from the Oasis back in 1990! he reminisces back to the days where the Oasis enabled him to kit himself out with all those studded belts, Doc Martens, green hair dye and skull nose rings, posters of fractals and t-shirts of his favourite bands! (The Oasis hasn’t changes much then)

He quotes “I feel like I have really come home!”

The display is on the level 4 stairs and the canvases are for sale, so pop in and check them out.

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