Saturday, 30 April 2011

Units for Rent!!

The Oasis has 5 units available for immediate rental. For further enquiries contact the letting department on 0121 233 4488 or email

Dark Art
This Approx 88sqft unit is in a prime location on level 4 by the stairs next to the level 5 piercers, cafe and new vintage units.

It’s a blank canvas and is ready to be moved into and has great potential to be anything.

 Matrix 2
This fantastic Approx 163sqft unit is the other half to a very busy fetish clothing shop.

It already has 2 changing rooms fitted in and it’s on the corner of the footpath located next to the Curb Footwear and the Oasis Reception Desk on level 3.

Level 3 is known as one of the busiest floors because of it having the main entrances.

Pool Table
This approx 111 sqft unit is in one of the buildings prime locations. Located on level 2 at the bottom of the stairs from level 3.

 Vixen Couture
This unit is ultra modern and is available for immediate rental. Located on level 3 next to burlesque salon and leedle bogbean, slightly private with massive potential.

This Approx 135sqft is perfect located on the corner of the foot path; it has a continuous passing trade, next to Ignite Records and Fallout clothing.

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